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Dear Readers,
If you’re in the U.S, I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! 🙂 Mine was filled with an abundance of loving and playing with my little one and then some celebratory nights that may or may not have included Martinis 😉

6 months ago, today, exactly at this time, I was in the ER writhing in pain all over from a car collision. I was on my way to work in Peachtree City (approx. 90 minute drive – one way) and a driver failed to yield while trying to cross 3 lanes to go Northbound (pulled out a few feet in front of me). I can visualize the entire scene because i SAW the collision. I had about 10 seconds to determine my course of action. I saw that there were no cars going North and hit a hard left into the opposite lanes to minimize impact. Her SUV rolled over and my car did a full 180 and totaled.

It still gives me goosebumps when I think about what the outcome would have been if there had in fact been cars on the other side. I would have hit her head on… Needless to say she was cited and we were both alive to tell the story. The silver lining to this cloud is that I escaped with a shattered wrist and while I have a plate in my left wrist, I can now use it with 75% function and mobility!
YAY! 😀

Any guesses about what I did as soon as I could use both hands?! I cooked!! LOL!

I never attempted an Indo-Thai fusion before so I figured I would give that a shot and see what happens. The result was an absolutely delicious Coconut Shrimp Curry with all the lemongrass(iness) and a little bite from Indian Chili powder.

..more later 😉



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